Discusses everything about Whatsapp Business, from its installation, utilities, counterparts and
future aspects

It is without further delay after the initial rollout of Whatsapp Business app, we saw the advent of the ‘B’
etched Whatsapp icon invaded the Indian SMEs as well. Facebook owned Whatsapp struck a storm with
its friendly communication media and has set forth to exemplify a standard medium for business
purposes also. The app was launched in September last year, with a pilot pioneering and partnerships
from Netflix, BookMyShow and MakeMyTrip. The initial wave reached only a handful of countries
including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, US and UK, on Friday. The app which now has been released in India
stands as a standard mode of communication for small and medium enterprises, with their clients and

What possibilities does Whatsapp Business offer?

The most appealing feature about Whatsapp Business is, it is easy and free to download via Google Play
in India. Compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and above, this app allows a much easier
connection between SMEs and around 1.3 billion users worldwide. It allows the entrepreneurs to
communicate easily with their clients and customers. Unlike the Whatsapp app, this pronounces its
business centeredness by allowing businesses to create profiles of their own with description and details
about them. You also get to store addresses and websites.

This robust technology facilitates a faster response to FAQs and requests. Automated wishes and
notifications are also packaged in this app, wherein your customers get personal messages when they
join or whenever you are busy etc.

To read into the impact Whatsapp Business have on your customers, you could always resort to the
metrics provided. The metrics gives you insight into the messages read, sent or received. You have
Whatsapp Web support to help you send and receive messages directly through desktops, implying no
distractions reach you.

The security concerns are put to rest as any communication data transfer is initiated in an end-to- end
platform. You could also lock your profile details, photo and information as private. You also have
provisions to block any contacts if necessary. You could share your current location with your customers
and clients. Video and voice call facilities enhance the business interactions with clients and customers.
To be straight about the impact on how much Whatspp Business have on Indian businesses let us look
into certain survey results. Citing a study conducted by Morning Consult, more than 80 percent of small
businesses in India and Brazil consider WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers and grow
their business. As many as 84 percent of SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses), particularly from India,there is better communication opportunities with Whatspp Business, while 80 percent of Indian SMBs believe that WhatsApp helps them grow their business.

People will know that they are talking to a business because you will be listed as a Business Account.
Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Accounts once it’s been confirmed that the account
phone number matches the business phone number," WhatsApp said.

How does it Work? What does Whatsapp Business app feature?

Just like the installation of Whatsapp, Whatsapp Bussiness is also quite simple. You need to go to Google
Play, search for ‘Whatsapp Business’ and download it. Agree to the terms and conditions. Give a number
not accounted as a Whatsapp account yet, and register your business with it.
You could either give up your personal account number and flip it with your new business account, or
get a new number for the same. Make sure to back up the data before if you are giving up your personal
account number before switching. Pick a name for your business which cannot be altered afterwards.
Initiate communication with clients and customers.


The Settings have Business Setting provision which have a whole space which can be utilized to add or
edit business description, email and store addresses. You could also find Statistics option which helps
you evaluate your customer responses. Messaging tools have options to initiate greetings when they
join, quick replies to queries and away messages to notify them you are busy.

Contemporaries and Counterparts

Goodbox which was founded in 2015 provides a similar space for local businesses to connect with their
consumers, who have their consumer facing app. Paytm hit all the right chords which simplified the payment methods for purchases and transactions. Prominent communication brands like Hike and Truecaller have integrated payments into their respective apps. Truecaller has TrueSDK through which it helps businesses make the sign up process easier and also lets them send targeted ads to consumers when they receive a phone call. Hike, on the other hand, was the first communications app in India to launch UPI-enabled payments.

The wait to reach Apple users…

As mentioned earlier the new Whatsapp Business app is available for free download from Google Play.
Having sufficient provisions to connect the customers and clients in a better fashion with small and
medium sized business enterprises, it sure would be an awakening of a whole new set of opportunities.
As we are in awe of the idea and all the features which are assembled at a fingertip distance, which can
be operated without going through any quagmires, there is something which it hasn’t achieved.
Whatsapp Business hasn’t reached the Apple App store in India. If you need your business established in
Whatsapp Business and you are holding an iPhone, ther is no other way than getting a new Android
phone for this purpose.

There are commencements going on to incorporate this devoid feature as well, but for the time it seems
the Apple users will have to wait some more. But it is already explicit in its impact over the business
transformation that it is going to help create. The app televised an earlier statement which said, People all around the world use WhatsApp to connect with small businesses they care about from online
clothing companies in India to auto parts stores in Brazil;WhatsApp Business will make it easier for people to connect with them, and vice versa, in a fast and simple way,; the company added.