SSD stands for Solid State Drive and HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. These are two types of storage
devices used by webhosting companies. When you settle for a webhosting company you are advised
to know the type of storage they use as it inturn affects you as well. HDD overtakes SSD in one
scenario only i.e price per GB of storage. Even this advantage is depleting as we speak. Hard Disk
Drive as the name suggests orient around the old styled hard disk which spins around to read or
write any given data. This consumes a lot of time whereas SSD resolve this issue. Here the data is
stored in microchips which don’t require any rotations to store data.

Other benefits which SSD offer over HDD are-

Hosting speeds

SDD hosting is faster than HDD hosting. As your SDD doesn’t consume a lot of loading type it is much faster. The speed which is an integral part in determining user response time and conversion rates, it helps in your google ranking.

Data security

As HDD depend on physical spinning to store data any hindrance to the movement could mean its failure and thereby data loss. With SDD you needn’t worry about any such problems. Even with RAID backup systems HDD could never provide a security like SDD.

Better Execution times

SDD could read and write data simultaneously which lowers the execution time of requests. It thus improves hosting performance of heavy request cladded sites.

Better for database intensive uses

Database Intensive uses like eCommerce or forums have an improved performance under SDD as HDD is typical limiting factor on a database of I/O Intensive sites.

No fragmentation

Unlike hard disks, solid drives doesn’t use data fragmentation and always know where to find its data

Less power usage and improving costs

Being power efficient is something which merits us as well as the environment. And the price differenece in per GB storage between HDD and SDD is bridged with passing day.