The very first step towards establishing a website is to choose the right hosting provider and the right hosting plan well suited for it. Every other option is being given adequate hype to allure you into it. If you are still contemplating on which plan to zero in on, then you have spotted the right blog well flourished with comparisons and advantages of each hosting plan.

This particular post contemplates the contrast between web hosting and cloud hosting and what benefits does one hold upon another.


Web hosting includes everything concerning where and how you host your website and its pertaining files or data. The difference is contributed by the mode of storage used to secure the files associated with your web hosting. The platform where all your website files reside is your host and this is from where the browser downloads the adequate data whenever called for. You could choose from different options available with your web hosting provider. The choice should be done upon the storage and traffic dealt by your website. Standard hosts like Cybex hosting provides all the hosting plans with able support irrespective of the prices.

Different types of hosting plans are explained below:

Shared Hosting: being the cheapest available web hosting option this is one of the most popular web hosting solution for websites pertaining small traffic and data demands. As the name suggests a single main server is being shared between hundreds of websites. There might be uptime issues if you are expecting huge surges of traffic for your website.

Dedicated Hosting: if you can’t afford to share your server with others, Dedicated hosting plans reserves an entire server for your sole use. You have complete command over anything related to your server which ofcourse would incur a greater sum of money from you including the setup and maintenance costs.

VPS Hosting: much alike the shared hosting here too you are expected to share your resources within a number of websites but in a much efficient virtual environment. But you are allotted with your own space with specific and definite CPU usage, bandwidth, memory etc. this enhances the working experience as your website data doesn’t work at the cost of another.

Managed: This hosting lets an expert team, employed and maintained by your web host, to manage your website completely. A higher performing server is managed and optimized to suit the needs of certain types of websites, like WordPress websites.

Next we are about to discuss the most recent addition to the world of web hosting, that is cloud hosting, which amalgamates the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting.


Cloud hosting opens the acute opportunities of minimal server issues, optimum speed and storage and agile resource flexibility. Instead of depending on a physical server, cloud hosting resorts to the employment of a virtual cluster of servers, referred as cloud, where your functional requests are directed and taken over by the nearest Cloud server available.

What makes cloud hosting more appealing when compared with other hosting plans:

  • You only pay for the resources you use. You could resources when your traffic demands it and do away with it when it is not need. There is no need to fetch an entire package to relish only a part of it, but you could employ those and only those features which are required as per your demands.
  • It ensures maximum uptime and performance. Being the latest of technology it is given how welcoming it would be in terms of speed. Incase you encounter a down server you are immediately redirected to another cloud for the undisturbed functioning of your website.


Having introduced all the available options in web hosting and what opportunities it hold for you, now it is time to conclude how you decide the best available option for you. Ofcourse the best option is the one which ensures supreme performance and profit output from your website.

If cost is your main concern and your website isn’t looking for unprecedented and humungous traffic surges, then shared hosting is the one for you. If you are looking for a server with specific features and a website with intrinsic and unaltered attention, then dedicated server answers your problem. If you need a business website which needs to be maintained by a well experienced team on your behalf, managed hosting is the solution you are looking for.

But if your website demands flexible resource usage accommodative of any kind of spontaneous and effective traffic or storage solutions at cost effective prices, nothing could yield you better than a cloud hosting.

Look through the variant chances your website may have to counter in near future too, before deciding on which plan to confirm to.