The answer is really simple. A business card is really important to a designer as it serves are a
prelude to your actual work. You already know the factors that you should look into while designing
a website for your client. You need your design to attire according to your client’s ethos, in right
price and get the right portfolio. If you have a few well equipped designs to your credit it is easy to
lure out other clients for you. But when you meet a new client it is natural of you to hand him your
business card. The impact it leaves on your client is not because of a long deliberation but more of
an unconscious state of act.

The business card you hold should speak of the calibre of the designer in you. You never find a
fashion designer going about in unsuitable clothes. He/she always use their fashion as a statement.
Likewise when you introduce yourself as a designer it is expected from your clients to look into your
business card for a testimony of your talent.

However small it may be, your business card is still an enclosure of your design. So you need to pay
attention whilst designing it. Here are some factors you need to look into- Content is what completes a frame. Your design is a framework to fit in the content comfortably and beautifully. So focus on your brand ethos. Don’t settle for colours just because they interest you.

Find the ones which provide a coherent and coercive environment to your content.

Right printer is something you need to find after apt trials and time. Don’t rush yourself into
choosing a printer because it is near to your office. Take trial runs with different machines and
compare the results to deduce which gives the best results.

Talk to the Printer about material, latest trends and technique. Who knows is what is best for a print
than your printer?

Look into the fancy factors if you have decided on any. Choose the right material be it metal, plastic
or any other fancy material, look into the details like right colour, different samples, its consistency
etc. You shouldn’t miss the details as well.

Some potential Options

Letter-pressed cards
Metal cards
Scented cards
Plastic cards
Foil stamped cards
Plexiglass cards

There are a variety of options available. But deliberate on your choices before selecting the right
one. And your choice should take in your client’s interest as well.