Shared VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

Shared VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

What is a web hosting service? It is a service which allows the organisations and individuals to build their websites public via the World Wide Web. All the websites operate through a web hosting service. A web host is essentially a company that rents out space on a web server for owners to make their sites available on the internet. Not all the web hosts possess their own servers, many of them rent them from bigger companies with access to the data centres, or collections of servers, and in turn rent these servers to other individuals or companies.

You will be able to find different types of web hosting. However, here, we will discuss about the shared web hosting, Dedicated web hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

Shared Web Hosting
In a shared web hosting service, you will be able to find many websites clinging on one web server.

Reasonably, this is the most commercial form of hosting. If your website is simple and does not contain a lot of features, then this one would be perfect for you. You can go for this hosting service if you are not likely to observe much traffic. A system administrator is the one who handles a shared web hosting service.

The appropriateness of this depends on your choices. It can be beneficial if you do not desire to manage the technical side of the site, but it can be difficult if you need more control of your site. The service provider handles the server management, security updates, technical support and installation of server software.

You can say that a shared web hosting service is unsuitable if you need significant software development external of what the hosting provider supports. It also has usage limits and must have complete reliability features in place. Added disadvantage of this service is that since a lot of websites share the same server if one site is involved in any wrong action or spamming, the entire IP address can get blacklisted.

Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated web hosting service is a type of service in which a single website occupies an entire server. Consequently, the owner of the site has total control over the server. There are no restrictions on bandwidth and disk space.

In a shared web hosting service, it is an administrator who controls the setup and technical maintenance of the server. On the other hand, for a dedicated server, there appears a host of technical skills that have to be there. There is also an added requirement to administer, set up and manage the server, however, with new and entirely dedicated hosting plans one can make use of this at a higher price.

Besides, dedicated hosting services present high performance, security, control and email stability. A dedicated hosting service is perfect for websites that obtain high traffic and make the use of general features.

Online shopping portals utilise the Dedicated web hosting services. there is a lesser risk of becoming blacklisted by employing a dedicated web hosting service as you are in total control of the server, unlike shared hosting services.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS Hosting is a kind of hosting that settles in between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. It provides the use of vast disk space and bandwidth.

The Virtual Private Server or VPS is ideally employed by a company with secured data and resource heavy applications. VPS hosting is used by websites that encounter a lot of traffic, just like the Dedicated hosting. Nevertheless, it is less expensive than utilising a dedicated web hosting service as multiple users still share the server. Even though you can configure the server in whatever way you want, you would still require a dedicated system administrator so as to take care of your server.

Altogether, you can say that in shared web hosting, a single server is shared by multiple websites and it offers limited bandwidth and disk space. It does not demand the site owner to have much technical skill. It presents the least control among the three types. Moreover, it is comparatively inexpensive due to shared costs. Among the three categories, this is the least secure, and it can also slow down the server.

Secondly, when you take the case of a dedicated web hosting, a server is assigned to just a single website and also offers high disk space and bandwidth. Here, you will find that the site owner will need to possess technical skills as he has total control of the server. It offers high security and control. Moreover, the server is designed to handle high traffic. However, it is quite costly because of no shared costs.

In the VPS web hosting, you will find that multiple websites share the server and it also offers high bandwidth and disk space.
Unlike shared web hosting, it is quite expensive but is affordable than a dedicated web hosting service. Moreover, the server is designed to manage high traffic. It does not need the site owner to have much technical skill but demands a system administrator. High control and security are also offered.