It is not necessary that everything which comes cheap is low in quality as well. Some things are entitled to be cheap inspite of its quality. There is a common notion that low cost web hosting plans compromise your security and service. But the cost of your web hosting plan is contributed by a number of factors which makes it costly or cheap without affecting its quality. Let us look into these factors to clear your impending doubts about cheaper plans-

In house Data Centre Ownership

If your company provides you a web hosting plan at a better price than other companies, it could probably be because they own a data centre of their own which the latter may not have. Storing data at company’s own data centre could cut the cost of service. It also ensures you with maximum security and complete control. As your data is not at the mercy of external storages you could also rule out the chances of shocking surprise hikes in plan prices. Adding to this is the fact that the ownership of a data centre gives all parties confidence in the long-term business sustainability.

Hosting Location

The pricing and its correspondent economy are irrevocably entwined. Your company could offer you a better pricing because of a better hosting location. The location of the company, the correspondent market and economy there and other macro factors has a strong impact in deciding the final pricing.  As the expenses like employees’ wages, facilities charge etc. are lower in some countries when compared to others, if your company is positioned there, it is natural that they could offer lower cost services.

Limited Hosting Packages

The product or service itself is decisive of its price. If a plan comes with a badge of unlimited bandwidth, disk space, storage etc. it is obvious that it will be bit shiny to afford. But you should also know the limit of this unlimitedness and how much of it is needed. The unlimited options that the companies flaunt about are often misleading about their policies. Most of the unlimited packages contain a lot of hidden terms and conditions like maximum upload and download size, bandwidth restrictions and so on. Violations of these terms could lead to suspension of your account. It is business tactic they use to sell the limited package at an expensive rate.

No 24/7 Support

Services are important. And everyone likes services at our beck and call 24/7. But here the question is how important it is. One could enjoy the expert support without going 24/7. The usual traffic comes in between 9.00AM and 9.00PM. Some lower cost services come with real time support during the rush hours and follow a ticketing system otherwise. It is always better to have immediate and assured support when in real need than availing slow and lagging response under the banner of 24/7.