What is Blog Hosting?

What is Blog Hosting?

Blog hosting is a type of webhosting. Weblogs, which popularly go by the name blogs, are websites that array regular updates by an individual in the form of posts or entries. With the vast variety of blogging options available on the market nowadays, a newbie blogger could find the task a bit ambiguous and overwhelming. But here we have dissected the puzzle for your ease.

Blog-softwares like WordPress, Typepad, Nucleus, b2evolution etc. have an assemblage of features which enables blog hosting. The features include scripting support (i.e PHP), database support (i.e MySQL), ample amounts of storage and band width and easy one-click installations (i.e Fantastico). Before finalising on a particular blog host, you should decide on the purpose and character of your blog. If you are hosting a blog as an online account for your personal thoughts and emotions, a free blog would do. WordPress.com is a free blog host which offer basic and non-complicated interfaces to make blogging easier for the ones who aren’t a pro with technicalities. But this comes with constraints like limited selection of templates and layouts and you won’t be able to remove ads from the site. But with no effort being invested at script installations and database configuration these limitations can be overlooked.

But at one step ahead your blogging endeavours can prove to be profitable. Paid accounts can avail their own personal domain. A reasonable amount paid could enable a great number of options for customising your blog. Paid blog providers offer easy one-click installations for major blog softwares which could get your blog up and running with just a few clicks. You could accommodate larger amount of traffic in your blog. You could also generate income by joining ad networks and placing their ads in your blog.

There are reasons why WordPress remains the most preferable blog host. With an abundance of plugins, both free and paid, WordPress takes customization of your blog into greater heights. With WordPress as your blog host anything which is possible for a website is possible for your site as well- such as static website, a forum, a photo gallery, an eCommerce site and so on…

With reasonable pricing, unlimited features and expert assistance 24/7 Cybex Hosting WordPress plans could open up a new world of blogging to you.