Why Should You Upgrade Your Hosting Plan?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Hosting Plan?

What is Web Hosting? A service that enables websites to be made available to users through the world wide web by providing storage spaces & access to websites. The first time website owners are not well aware of the hosting. They simply settle for low-cost plans and concentrated on website design and content.


The basic hosting plans can help you during the initial days of your website.


The basic hosting plan is normally called as shared hosting. Shared hosting is cost-effective, user-friendly and convenient for beginning stages of a website. You may wonder what really is shared hosting? Shared hosting is a process of renting server space which is shared by other beginner websites too. These type of hosting requires less maintenance.


For small sites where traffic is minimally shared hosting is the best option. For instance, for some sites, shared hosting is, ultimately, the best option.Websites like portfolio and personal blogs have minimal traffic. Shared hosting  has its own limitations.


The shared hosting lets multiple users use the same resources. For instance, if the other website is the one gets a large traffic than yours, they will be using up most of the resources and space. This will result in slow running of your website. Once your website has been running for some time, it’s always important to upgrade your hosting plan. There are indications that show that you need to change your website are:

  • Your site’s performance is suffering
  • Your site is experiencing too much downtime.
  • You’re concerned about security.
  • Your current plan does not offer enough resources and space.


What Your Hosting Upgrade Options Are?

There are various hosting options you can choose from as per your requirement. They are:

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server is the combination of both shared and dedicated hosting.VPS hosting shares the same physical server but houses separate virtual machines.


VPS hosting is more stable and reliable than shared hosting. It has limited its number of websites it hosts to 10-20 websites. This itself reduces the demand on servers. The resources are evenly divided among the users. Once you reach your limit the site goes down but it does not affect other websites. This is gained by creating a virtual barrier between the websites.  VPS hosting also provides space for users to create their own environment in the given space. Finally, VPS servers are scalable.


Its costlier than other basic hosting solutions.

Dedicated Hosting

Here the server is simply dedicated to you.


The main advantage is that every resource the server offers is only for you. So there will never be the issue of resource stealing, server downtime due to bad neighbor problems and security issues. You may choose to customize the technology on the computer. Like OS of choice, amount and type of memory and flexibility etc.


Renting a dedicated server for hosting is a costly method. Also, you need to be well acquainted with computer technology and server. Because you will be handling many of the server management by yourself.


So once you decide on what type of server you need for your website, the next step is to find the best service provider. Cybex Hosting provides you with affordable plans and fully managed services.